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 PigVerse is a Gay Adult Virtual World for People Over 18, Ran by Gay People!

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What is PigVerse?

  PigVerse is made up of Gay Virtual Worlds or even more like Gay Virtual Solar Systems as each world grows on it's own under the PigVerse Verse. Everything about PigVerse is geared toward Adult Male 4 Male. Primarily right now the main world is Uther Boystown. It is the center and or the hub of the gay virtual world. PigVerse is basically anything goes cyber sex virtual world. Your avatars can engage in sex with other avatars or even sexbots.

  There is more than just sex of course to the gay 3D virtual world. There is a virtual economy where people make clothes and sell them for virtual dollars called rays which in turn can be sold for real currency. There are many other ways to make rays too. Avatar sex, voice cam sex and or any other combos you can think of. You can decorate for people, coordinate events and really the ways are pretty endless. You can also just sit and chat with friends. Roller blade, skate board, hula hoop, and lots of other things. Guitar, drumming and singing. This gay 3d virtual world has just about anything for anything you desire but just always remember all sex animations are always turned on.

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 PigVerse is the sluttiest Gay Adult Virtual World on the net!!