The PigVerse Gay Virtual World

U.S.S. Club Cockpit
In Space Everyone Can Hear You Orgasm!

U.S.S. Club Cockpit located downtown Uther Boystown.  What is the U.S.S. Club Cockpit you may be asking?  Well let us tell you.  It's a virtual gay nightclub .  Going on every Friday and Saturday Night from 11 P.M. EST - 2 A.M. EST DJ Wipboy spins the tunes and from 2 A.M. EST to 5 A.M. EST DJ Vayu does depending on crowd. 


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Naked dancing at the Gay Virtual Night Club the Cockpit.

Pig and Prometric dancing at the gay virtual night club the U.S.S. Club Cockpit. Boing Boing~  All Male!  All Sex!  All the Time! 


Gay gang bangs at the Gay Virtual Night Club Cockpit

All Male Orgy!  Taking place in one of the sex rooms inside the U.S.S. Club Cockpit on the BDSM Bed!!  No. 1 Gay Virtual Night Club in the 'Verse!

Gay virtual cyber sex at the gay virtual night club cockpit

Vayu tests out one of the sex bots.  You interact with real people but there are sex bots as well for you gay cyber sex enjoyment.

We will get some more pics up soon of this property. 

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Gay barebacking at the gay virtual night club cockpit

Graham N' Pig doing what Graham N' Pig do best.  Bed testing!  Have to make sure all the beds are functioning properly at all time!!

Pictures of Events @ The U.S.S. Club Cockpit~

The PJ Parties

The Blackout Party

More Event Pictures Coming Soon!